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Vanpac International has been moving thousands of families to all points of the globe. You will find experience reflected in the care of our people, the refinement of our skills and the satisfying results, which we will deliver to you. We have specially designed this checklist to help you in your International move.

Family Matters
Check your passport’s validity and ensure you have obtained all necessary entrance visas, work permits and residency permits.
Obtain your health and dental records from your doctors.
Notify the school that your children are currently attending and advise them of your relocation.
Cancel any magazine and newspaper subscriptions.
Make arrangements for your pets. Vanpac can assist you on this.
Visit your nearest post office and arrange for your mails to be forwarded.
Advise friends and family of your change of address.
Make hotel reservations in Singapore to stay during the packing and when you arrive in your new country.
Book air tickets.

Personal Affairs
Notify your banks and credit card companies. Make arrangement to have your accounts closed or transferred.
Arrange payment of all your taxes.
Arrange for the settling of your CPF early, if applicable.
Inform your insurance companies of your relocation.
Make photocopies of all your valuable and legal documents to hand carry with you (marriage certificate, bank documents, medical and school records, driver’s licenses, work documents and tax records).
Make arrangement to sell your car.
Advise your club and your provisioner of your move and settle their accounts.

Start making housing arrangement for your new residence before the shipment arrives.
Arrange for the disconnection, reading & payment of utilities.
Notify landlord and finalise arrangement to handover the house keys and etc

A Week before Packing
Separate out what items will be included in your airfreight, sea freight, storage and hand carried luggage. This is very important to ensure everything goes smoothly.
Remove any items that will not be shipped. For larger furniture, use our “Do Not Remove” stickers
Secure all valuables. Plan to carry with you your passport, tickets, jewellery, cash, stamp/coin collections and other documents.
Dispose of all cleaning supplies, caustic materials, flammable and bottles containing fluids.
If you are shipping your freezer or refrigerator, it should be defrosted, cleaned and allowed to air dry for at least 24 hours.
Any fixtures fastened to the wall that requires packing should be taken down.
Place any items together that you require to be packed together in the same cartons.
Please notify your building management and arrange to reserve an elevator and parking space for the lorry/container if necessary. Be sure to check their terms and conditions and advise Vanpac early.
Arrange for a baby sitter for your children for the duration of the packing.
Ask your spouse to bring home any items that he/she has in the office and that will require to be included in your shipment before the packing team arrives.
Leave the air-conditioning on for 2 -3 days before the packers arrive to help absorb the moisture in the air. Silica gels provided by Vanpac are packed in with your belongings to reduce the effect of local humidity.
Confirm flight and hotel reservations.
Book into hotel the day on/after packing starts.

The Packing Day
Do not leave your packing dates to the very last day in Singapore. It’s best to schedule the packing 2-3 days before you leave. Allow those last few days for you and your family to handle any last minute items.
Move your bags, important documents and hand luggage into one place (i.e.: master bedroom). Clearly identify this to the supervisor.
Show the supervisor exactly what items will require packing and discuss any special instructions you may have.
Identify the items you may want to be left last to be packed. Make use of Vanpacs “Last Load” stickers to make moving easy.
Once your shipment has been packed, sign the packing list and obtain one copy for your records. Carefully read this to make sure it is correct.
Make sure you make a final check of all the rooms, cupboards, and storage areas before you say good-bye to the packers.
Check that all windows have been closed and lights turned off.
Check that all keys are accounted for. Ensure your Moving consultant has all your instructions (i.e.: contact telephone, address and tel /fax).

Upon Your Arrival
Call Vanpac overseas partner to confirm your contact telephone and delivery address (if necessary). Do make sure that they have all the required forms and documents prior vessel’s arrival for importation of shipment.
Warn them of any parking restrictions or difficult access. Our overseas partner will notify you of the actual arrival of the vessel and customs clearance dates of your shipment and when you can expect delivery.
Should you need additional services (ie: storage, split delivery, maid /handyman services) please inform Vanpac so that we could arrange it for you prior vessel’s ETA.

The Delivery and Unpacking
Our overseas partner will arrange to deliver your shipment to your new home, place, and unpack furniture and remove of packing debris. The destination services provided are as indicated in our written quotation. We recommend you have a floor plan in advance and let our overseas partner knows where you want things placed.

Remember to check off all the items on the inventory as the cartons are brought into the apartment.
Sign the inventory lists to confirm you have received all the items. Make note of any exceptions and notify our overseas partner and Vanpac International Singapore immediately. Please do retain a copy in your file
If you should file a claim, do not hesitate to check the status of your claim with us.

An International move is a big adjustment for any family. We can provide you many services but there are some matters you must handle personally. The more you know about what to expect the easier the moving process becomes.

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