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All Risks Insurance

Vanpac International specialises exclusively in handling overseas moves. The Management has been moving corporate executives and expat families since 1976, as such, we have a wealth of experience in moving families abroad. Our experience and personal care will ensure your shipment arrive safely.

Whilst the packing techniques we employ are specifically designed to provide the ultimate protection to your goods during transit, instances can and do arise whereby damages can occur to shipping containers, vessels and etc.

We would naturally recommend that you purchase an all risks full replacement insurance cover to protect your interest on the valued possession during transit. It is difficult to determine the cause or where the damage/loss took place. Therefore, shipping lines, airlines, moving companies and other transportation modes place contractual limits on their liability for loss and damage.

Full Replacement Value
Vanpac International insurance program is especially designed for international household goods shipment, fine arts, antiques, including automobiles for total replacement value on a door-to-door basis.

You will be reimbursed for the full-declared value of the damaged item in the case of total loss, without any deduction.

Valued Inventory
To ensure your shipment is properly & adequately covered, prior to the packing day, you should try to make your complete itemised value inventory of your possessions. This list should contain all items in your shipment. Take time to walk around your home and accessing it carefully. You should indicate full replacement insurance costs and be sure to include “high value items “ such as antique, valuable carpet, sterling silver, crystal and etc.

A separate valued inventory form must be completed for each shipment prior packing. For example, you will need to complete one for the sea shipment and another one for the air shipment. Be sure to ask for another valued inventory form.

If you have a shipment with two separate deliveries (i.e.: one for temporary storage) it is best to provide two separate valued inventory.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Mold & Mildew
This Mold & Mildew Coverage is not part of a standard household goods & personal effects insurance. In Singapore & Malaysia, mold and mildew are of particular concern, especially if you plan to store your shipment. Therefore, to give you peace of mind, Vanpac International is pleased to offer this protection at NO EXTRA COST.

Electrical & Mechanical Derangement Coverage
The standard household goods & personal effects insurance do not cover any internal electrical or mechanical component of any device unless exceptions are noted at the time for external damage to such items.

The extra insurance coverage will protect the risk of malfunctions. ( i.e. TV, stereo , computer fridge, washing machine or similar items). You may opt for this additional coverage at a nominal additional premium by indicating on Vanpac Acceptance of Quotation form. All items must be in working conditions and inspected by the insurance company representative & insurance foreman, one week before packing.

Pairs & Sets Coverage
The standard household goods & personal effects insurance covers for the value of the individual item damaged or lost. (not the entire set /pair)

The Pairs & Set coverage provides compensation to replace the whole set of the insured items, if the item(s) cannot be repaired or replaced. Do state Pairs or Sets on the valued inventory to avoid any questions. After settlement of claim, damaged items will become the property of the insurance company.

What values should I declare for my goods?
You determine the replacement cost of your shipment at destination and declare these values on a per item basis. Please do take note that the replacement value of your goods may be higher in some destinations.

Miscellaneous items valued at under US$500.00 may be grouped together. When the items are listed together, the items will be deemed to be of equal value. You should be aware that only the items you specifically declared and valued are insured. Therefore, if your effects sustain a loss and they cannot be repaired, you are entitled to the value declared provided the effects cannot be replaced with others of similar kind.

Note : If you have your own inventory, you need not have to complete the valued inventory form. Simply attach your inventory, sign the valued inventory form and return to Vanpac International prior the packing day.

High Value Items
High value items valued at over US$ 500.00 per item or per set must be specially declared and valued. High value items are defined as, but not limited to, antique, objects of art, value carpets, furs, china, crystal, photographic equipment, collections of records, tapes, or pictures

Storage in Transit (SIT)
Vanpac International specially designed insurance packages cover up to 30 days at origin and 30 days at destination without any additional premium. However, if further storage is required, the insurance company will agree to extend the storage in transit cover upon written request and provided premium is received before the expiration date. Goods must be stored only in an authorised agent’s warehouse.

Insurance Claim
In the event of claim, you are required to submit your written claims to the underwriter within 45 days of delivery. The Insurance Company has kept the claim procedures as simple as possible. To make it easier, you should promptly notify Vanpac International your intent to file a claim upon delivery so that we could assist you, thus ensuring prompt settlement.

Please do take the following steps in completing your claim form.
1. Any damage or shortage should be noted on the packing list and delivery order at the time of delivery.
2. You should promptly notify Vanpac International, as well as our agent. Upon notification, we will send you a claim form and provide you every assistance to ensure prompt settlement.
3. Obtain repair estimate and attach a copy to your claim form, together with the signed delivery order and packing list

1. Do not ship jewelry, watches, coins and stamp collections, etc.
2. Do not forget to take additional storage extension insurance if you are not ready to receive your goods.
3. Do not throw broken or damaged items until underwriter instruct you to do so.

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