Guide to Moving Out and Relocating

Preparing for the Packing Day

Being organized before the packers arrive not only means less stress for you and your family, but also allow the packing to proceed smoothly. Ideally you should allow 4 - 6 weeks for preparation of your move.

  • Decide exactly what items you intend to ship, dispose or sell before the moving dates.
  • Consider where you are moving to and if items you plan to take    will work - size, voltage, climate and culture should be considered.
  • Items requiring special servicing or cleaning should be arranged.   Check to see if appliances taken will operate in your home   country.
  • Return all items that have been borrowed and collect those items   you have loaned.
  • Complete last minute buying. Remember to let us know of the additional items and approximate size to be included. You must    also take note that in most countries you are required to declare    any new items to customs.
  • Begin to reduce your supply of staples and frozen foods.
  • Prepare an itemized valued inventory for insurance.

Vanpac international will pack everything for you. However, if you wish to pack some personal items, we are able to deliver some packing materials to you in advance. Please inform the Removal Consultants on the details of what you wish to pack yourself and he will get you the right sizes, wrapping materials, etc.

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