Guide to Moving Out and Relocating


Carefully read through all the three quotations and identify the different types of quality services that each moving company provides. It is important to ensure all moving companies are quoting on the same basis (ie: volume estimates, type of shipment and packing/shipping method). Ensure that any additional costs such as insurance, special crating, storage, and special handling of grand piano have been identified.

The estimated volume of the few other quotations should be similar. If not, review the method how the estimate was carried out. The best method is to compare the pre-move lists from each company to ensure that all items are accounted for. Therefore, it is not necessary that the lowest volume is correct, but rather how the estimated volume was sized up. Also review the performance of the Relocations Consultants from all companies.

Next, compare the price. Are the prices quoted just an estimate/budgetary or final price? If it is an estimated cost/budgetary, find out how much more will you have to pay after the packing is completed.

At Vanpac, we make it our job to provide you with the most accurate costs for your move. To do this, our Relocations Consultants are equipped with handhelds. You will not be surprised by hidden costs. Our rates are straight- forward and include everything except the additional special services (i.e. duties/ taxes, customized crating, storage charges, etc).

Vanpac International Relocations Consultants and management team are always involved in your move will answer any questions you may have and offer assistance whenever possible, making your move more efficient and cost effective.

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